Charles Henson Bio

Announcing Speaker Charles Henson

• Charles Henson has been in the IT industry for over twenty-five years, and is currently serving as Managing Partner for Nashville Computer. He started working for the growing firm in 1991.

• He is an Amazon best-selling author of The Business Owner’s Guide To I.T. And All Things Digital, and authored a second book, Cloud Computing: A Guide for Executives & Business Owners.

• He has been featured prominently in several leading IT magazines.

“What If I Told You I Can See Your Companies Usernames And Passwords For Sale On The Dark Web?”

During today’s presentation you will learn what the Dark Web is, what can be bought and sold there, and why you should be concerned.

Dark Web and Privacy

We’ll go over new testing capabilities to see if your data is already for sale out on the Dark Web and what you can do to defend yourself. I’ll give you an update on the state of cybercrime in our world today, and how it is impacting our personal lives and businesses. Also, I’ll explain why training your staff, who are either your first line of defense or your biggest vulnerability, is of the upmost importance.